To demand lawmakers hold insurance companies accountable for addiction treatment

Brian McAlister, Author, Full Recovery
CEO | Founder, Full Recovery Wellness Center


Brian McAlister, author of the bestselling book, Full Recovery, and CEO/Founder of the Full Recovery Wellness Center, engaged The Busby Group to launch a Change.Org campaign designed to bring pressure on political leaders of both parties to hold insurance companies accountable when they deny coverage for addiction treatment.  With drug and alcohol addiction affecting 64 million Americans – and opioid and heroin deaths hitting epidemic levels nationwide – there is no more urgent public health issue facing the country today.


We wanted to create a powerful and coherent visual campaign that focused on how addiction is cutting across all ages, ethnicities, geographic areas and social-economic levels in America. We used the theme “Addiction Looks Like A . . . Brother” and extended that to include loved ones, friends, colleagues and neighbors.  On Facebook, we asked everyone to “Share If You Know Someone Affected by Addiction.”  We mixed and boosted Statistical and People images and promoted relevant videos almost daily during the first month of the campaign.


McAlister’s Change.Org petition received 2,276 signatures during the first four weeks, an average of 75 per day.  Facebook reports showed 150,000+ people reached, 14,000+ engagements, and 19,000+ video views. Excellent numbers for such an important awareness-raising campaign and call to action. Campaign Campaign Campaign