Dianna Wong Architecture + Interior Design


What We Did:

Communication Strategy, Brand Architecture, Website Development, Photography, Public & Media Relations, Graphic Design, Reputation Building


Dianna Wong, internationally renowned architect and interior designer of luxury hotels and resorts, engaged The Busby Group to create a campaign around the opening of the W Hotel in Washington D.C., two blocks from the White House. She wanted to bring attention to her unique creative process and to her elegant, fanciful interior designs that strike a delicate balance between “history and fashion, restraint and sensuality.”


The Busby Group started by completely revamping Dianna’s website and securing new photography, using the opportunity to revitalize and refine her brand. Then we launched a national and international outreach campaign to mainstream, architectural, interior design, travel, hospitality, luxury & lifestyle and women’s media. Our team leveraged Dianna’s existing portfolio of award-winning architectural and interior design projects and further established her as a thought leader in this area.